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Kwest is a best in breed application for searching funding opportunities. It provides basic and advanced search features for opportunities such as:
  • Sorting Results
  • Relevance indication by %
  • Save your searches for later use
  • Summary and Detailed Results
Kwest features an easy to use and friendly interface with the ability to create custom searches that can be used to query opportunities automatically.

Kwest indicates each record's score in relation to the text of the search. This numerical rank is a clear indication of how strong a match the results are based on the number of times the words are used and their proximity to one another in all the searched fields.

Set up custom alerts to get the search results you want, HOW and WHEN you want them.

Integrate Kwest with Kuali Coeus to allow a one-click creation of a proposal from your search results eliminating the possibility of typos and speeding the process of proposal creation.